MANAGEMENT COSTA ELEMAR S.L, began his career in 2013 with the aim of providing comprehensive advice to companies and professionals in all economic sectors.
This service is differentiated by:
– The professionalism of the team that makes our company.
– Closeness to the customer, based on a cordial and sincere treatment.
– Its effectiveness, offering solutions to all your problems.
– Cover a wide range of services for customer satisfaction.
Our group operates around certain principles and values:
– Professional responsibility
– Innovation in work methods and procedures.
– Teamwork.
– The personalized customer.
– The implication in the problems.
– Continuous training of all components.


Our professional commitment is to keep abreast of knowledge and application of the tax rules are modified and updated continuously. For this reason we are connected to the 24 hours to a database where every day we receive the latest news on the fiscal front, accountant, legal work and to give the best service.
Both, we are able to offer another set of services ranging not specifically oriented business operation, but have continuity in the personal needs of our customers.
Costa Element Management, S.L. This Web site is intended to be a useful instrument for your needs, offering easy access and maximum transparency.