In ELEMAR COAST MANAGEMENT We are specialized in the management and employment law firms, offering the following services:


Representation in litigation proceedings and labor inspection: Labour Court, Superior Court etc..

Personalized advice:

Personalized advice for each client on the rules further study:

  • The most suitable type of contract for your company
  • Grants available for job creation.
  • Rewards to Access etc..

Specific actions:

  • High / Low / Change data workers
  • Monthly payroll preparation
  • Calculation of layoffs and discharges
  • Preparation of Social Insurance
  • Advice and representation before the Labour Inspectorate
  • Processing of Temporary Disability and Worker Compensation
  • Making and Registration of employment contracts, extensions
  • Processing of Pension benefits or Social Security
  • Deferrals Debt in Social Security
  • Processing YOU

If you have any questions, please contact us to make the following email: